Unique Hull Design

TriToon™ Classic Hull (formerly TriToon)

We designed the TriToon Classic hull over 25 years ago. For a combination of smooth ride, precise handling and incredible durability; it remains the industry leader. Heavy-duty .125 gauge aluminum, 45 gallon in-tube fuel tank and in-tube anchor locker are standard on this hull. In-tube ski storage is available as an option. The TriToon Classic hull is used on all TriToon Classic models.


TriToon™ is a registered trademark of JC Manufacturing.

TT (TriToon™) Hull

The TT (TriToon) hull uses three SuperTubes (24" x 24") with the transom integrated into the center tube. This hull design features a standard in-tube 45 gallon fuel tank, aluminum bottom skin and optional in-tube ski storage. The TT (TriToon) hull is standard on the SunToon TT, NepToon TT , SunLounger TT and Spirit TT.

Standard (Twin Tube) Hull

The standard hull for NepToon and Spirit is the twin SuperTube (24" x 24") hull. The optional aluminum bottom skin is recommended for horsepower over 70.

JC LogoThe Original TriToon

TriToon™ Sport Hull

The awesome TriToon Sport hull adds our exclusive lifting fin design to the TT (TriToon) hull. Our TriToon Sport hull not only increases top end speed but also yields handling that is as quick and precise as any sport boat. This hull features a 45 gallon in-tube fuel tank and optional in-tube ski storage. The TriToon Sport hull is standard on the SportToon TT, NepToon Sport TT, and SunLounger Sport TT. Lifting fins are an available option on the SunToon TT, NepToon TT and SunLounger TT.



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