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JC TriToon Marine Pontoon Boat Quality Seating

In July of 1976, John Cripe (JC) and Jerry Amsden began building high quality pontoons in North Webster, Indiana. A few years later, John's son, Kim Cripe, joined the company. Today, Kim continues to independently own and operate J.C. Manufacturing, Inc.

To achieve consistent JC quality requires two factors. First, only the very best components may be used; and second, complete control of the production process must be maintained. Unlike many other manufacturers who must rely on countless outside suppliers, J.C. Manufacturing is very self-sufficient. We are proud to say that all major components, rail systems, upholstery, pontoon tubes and bimini tops are made by us. These in-house capabilities give us control over the final quality of every JC Pontoon. What does this mean to you? Every boat with the JC name will deliver trouble-free performance and top re-sale value, year after year.

Compare the JC Difference

If you are seriously researching our boats, then you have already ruled out the majority of pontoons currently on the market. You are now comparing us to the three or four premium manufacturers that build a pontoon in our price and quality range. There are many good pontoons in our price range. As you make your buying decision, we wish to point out a few of the standard and optional features on our pontoons that truly make the JC TriToon difference.

Outstanding Standards:

  • Tubes are bolted directly to the structural cross-members with heavy-duty stainless steel bolts and lock nuts.
  • All SuperTubes have baffles and are pressure tested to assure that they are air tight (NO Foam) before leaving the factory.
  • Solid extruded aluminum skid bar is welded to all tubes and the aluminum bottom skin is standard on all models.
  • 49 gallon fuel capacity is standard on all models with the exception of the SportAngler that has a 100 gallon fuel capacity standard.
  • Durable, textured and attractive White or Black powder coating is the standard rail finish on all JC TriToons as well as the Rigid Poly Vinyl Trim.
  • All Bimini Tops are made of Sunbrella material.
  • The flooring is stretched and stapled to the deck rather than glued.
  • Top of the line Fusion Apollo MS-RA770 Stereo with at least (4) Speakers is standard on all JC TriToon models.
  • Bow Pods with built-in storage compartment and Stainless Steel grab bar (SportToon models).
  • Automatic Navigation Light Module (NepToon, Swing Back and SportToon models).
  • 15 minute Delay and Boarding Assistance Switch (NepToon, Swing Back, and SportToon models).

Optimal Options:

  • High Tide Hull (standard on SportAngler, and SportYacht models).
  • 100 Gallon Fuel tank.
  • Accu-Thrust Thruster System.
  • SS Heavy Duty Electric Bimini (50 mph rating).
  • Misting System for Floor and/or Bimini.
  • Helm Misting System.

Why your next pontoon should be built by JC TriToon Marine:

  • Standard on ALL Models is .101" aluminum hulls or thicker, versus .080" (the industry standard). JC builds hulls that are unmatched in strength and durability.
  • On all JC Boats -The nose cone (first 5' of tube) is made of .125" thick aluminum, superior impact resistance, unmatched in the pontoon industry.
  • JC’s Lifting Strakes on the pontoon tubes are now standard on all models and this JC designed extrusion give the JC hull maximum lift and speed on the water.
  • Standard solid keel extrusion is welded on the pontoon tube bottom on ALL JC models verses the competition’s standard hollow keel or no keel.
  • Standard PermaCoat on the pontoon of ALL models -tubes don’t streak and turn black.
  • Wolmanized Plywood flooring is shiplapped (edges of each board overlap each other) and fasteners are run through the shiplap into the Z-bar creating two boards that are sealed together versus the competition which just butts two square ends together.
  • All of the canvas in the Bimini Tops, Boots, and Mooring Covers is Sunbrella. The competition uses less expensive brands, lighter weight construction, and has limited color choices.
  • Double Top Coat on Vinyl (more durable, more resistant to Ultraviolet deterioration and Stains). The competition’s “soft touch” upholstery interiors only have a single coat or no top coat. Without the top coat you lose cleaning ability and wear resistance. With the soft “fluffy” look, you cannot use a vinyl with a heavy top coat. The reason for the top coat we use is for ease of cleaning and a much greater abrasion resistance.
  • Better foam in our seats, holds the shape better over time. The competitions less expensive foam is less dense and is “softer” but does not hold its shape as well as more expensive, better quality, and denser foam that JC uses.
  • Seagrass Flooring -JC’s Seagrass has the heaviest foam backing in the industry (3/8" vs. 1/8"). This gives a softer feel and the closed cell construction adds significant structure. The Seagrass also has an interior fire rating and will not support a flame. The foam backing on our product is attached directly to the top layer. The competitions product just uses a layer of adhesive between the layer and the backing.
  • Seagrass is stretched and stapled versus glued to allow for breathability which in turn creates durability.
  • JC uses powder coated rails that have architectural grade powder coating. The competitions anodized rail is less expensive, why settle for less?
  • All upholstery is sewn in house for SportToon, NepToon, and now Spirit which allow you to create your own custom color combination.
  • No Charge for Graphics on side panels.
  • GPS Speedo is standard on all boats. No more weeds plugging up the pitot tube.
  • Helm Caps -The flip open helm cap on all JC models is unique to JC. This allows for easy access to the helm components and additional storage space. When it comes to maintenance you do not have to lay on the floor or slide under the helm, just simply open the top.

JC TriToon Marine Advantage

TriToon Sport Pontoon Boat Hull

TriToon™ Sport Hull

Competitor Pontoon Boat Hull

The Competition

  • U-shaped pontoons offer greater volume and carrying capacity (1-2 person increase on average). Ride higher and drier. U-shape prevents water from getting on top of pontoon and weighing it down.
  • Full length center pontoon on ALL TriToon boats adds performance and quality of ride versus the partial third tube that is offered by some competitors.
  • Cross members are bolted directly to pontoons offering unmatched durability and strength. U-shaped tubes have no stress on welds, like round tubes have, because U-shaped tubes are bolted directly to cross members which increases the structural integrity. They are NOT bolted to a bracket that is then welded to the tubes which reduces the structural integrity of the overall boat.
  • The TriToon Sport tube hull and tube design includes additional design innovations that reduce water loads and allows for nearly seamless, cut-through performance.
  • Traditional round tubes used by competitors yields to more resistance and decreases the boat handling because the hull sits deeper in the water.

Pontoons Engineered for Performance

JC TriToon Sport Pontoon Boat Hull

TriToon Sport Hull

The awesome TriToon Sport hull has our exclusive lifting fin design. Our TriToon Sport hull not only increases top end speed but also yields handling that is as quick and precise as any sport boat. This hull features a 49 gallon in-tube fuel tank and optional in-tube ski storage. The TriToon Sport hull is standard on all JC Models, the SportToon TT, NepToon TT Sport, and Swing Back TT Sport, Spirit TT Sport.

JC TriToon Marine SportToon High Tide Hull

High Tide Hull (HTH)

The High Tide Hull is a new super structure on top of our proven U-shaped Pontoons. This heavier built super structure is designed to withstand the ever-increasing horsepower and torque of the next generation outboard engines. We have decided to be proactive in this new design to keep up with what the engine companies can deliver. Some of the added advantages of the HTH are an additional 3" of free board above the water. This may not sound like much, but it generates a drier, softer ride in rough water. It also allows space between the pontoon deck and the pontoons for a bow anchor locker and a deeper in-tube storage compartment. The HTH hull on average, adds 400 pounds that contributes to the softer ride.

When choosing the HTH option for your boat, it will include:

  • High Strength Elevated Performance Hull w/350hp rating
  • Bow Anchor Locker w/Marine Mat
  • In-Tube Storage w/Marine Mat
  • SS Heavy Duty Ski Tow

HTH available on:

  • SportToon 24TT, 26TT, 28TT
  • Swing Back 23TT, 25TT, 27TT
  • NepToon 23TT, 25TT, 27TT
  • Spirit 24' and 26' models with Super Sport option

The HTH Frame has heavy duty 5½" cross members that provides 3" of additional free board above the water. The Bow Anchor Locker compartment is built in to the frame of the HTH and the In-tube Storage compartment is even deeper.

JC TriToon Spirit, NepToon, Swing Back and SportToon Quality Pontoon Tubes

All JC TriToon tubes are constructed of .100 gauge marine aluminum with a .125 nose cone – the strongest on the market.

JC Tube

Tube has more flotation than a 25" round with an advanced U-shaped design.

JC U-Shaped Pontoon Tube Specs

JC Spirit/NepToon/Swing Back/SportToon

JC Spirit, NepToon, SportToon and SunLounger Pontoon Tube

Industry Standard

Industry Standard Pontoon Tube Specs