Pontoon Boats

Spirit Pontoon Boats


Access the legendary performance of TriToon Marine at a cost that affords you the excitement you’re looking for. Layout options offer the room for a perfect day making waves. New for the 2017 Spirit are the rear facing lounges. This feature adds a center stern entrance on select models.

NepToon Pontoon Boats


Enter into full-scale family fun when you power up the NepToon. With a TriToon hull or TriToon sport hull as options, you can assure everyone of an amped up outing. Room for the party, for fishing, for everything else in this NepToon series. Sleek, stable and style in one beautiful pontoon boat.

SunLounger Pontoon Boats


Enjoy a day at the sandbar with this JC favorite. The open stern area provides a generous swimming platform and superior maneuverability for skiing and tubing. The family will love the spacious, comfortable layout in this quality boat.

SportToon Pontoon Boats


Get your moves on in the SportToon. Tight handling and feisty engine force means hours of skiing, tubing and all around jammin’ on the water. Flexible floorplan choices means making the most of your ride, and everyone will notice the iconic profile of a TriToon made pontoon sailing across waves.

TriToon Classic Pontoon Boats

TriToon™ Classic

Make it your own. Get ready for an iconic experience in the namesake TriToon. Fill your chapters with stories of loving life in the waves and on the shore. Full-on features, spacious deck size, stainless steel, and hefty horsepower. TriToon Classics have it all.